Non explosive
Demolition Agent

  • large rock to removed Bustar expansive grout will break this large boulder apart easily.
  • pooring expansive grout First, drill using the provided hole patterns.
  • breaking rock Mix and pour the Bustar into the holes, then the grout begins to expand.
  • broken rock via non explosive demolition Hours later, the boulder is cracked and ready to load out in managable sizes.
underground rock cracking

Surgical Demolition

Bustar has been utilized as a concrete breaker with extreme precision in confined spaces, even underground. Bustar has no collateral effect because it is dust, vibration, and noise free.
cracked mass concrete

Powerful Chemical Agent

Though it is a chemical demolition agent, Bustar has all the breaking strength needed for reinforced concrete. This strength has been repeatedly demonstrated in industrial plants, on bridges, and even in nuclear plants.
expansive grout remains removed with crane

Nonexplosive Breaking

Bustar produces no flying rock or dangerous gaseous emissions. This expansive grout represents an unparalleled ratio of superior breaking strength to minimal risk.
expansive grout in industrial setting

Proven record

Buster has been used extensively for 16 years. Before that we pioneered and sold its predecessor, Bristar, for 20 years.
chemical demolition agent being used in industrial project


Bustar has been used in all types of demolition including the Saluda dam's remediation project and numerous nuclear decommisioning projects.
massive reinforced concrete being drilled before bustar grout breaks the concrete

No size limits

Bustar is used on concrete blocks, mass reinforced concrete, or rocks of any dimension.
chemical agents producing small broken rock and concrete fragments


Bustar produces easy to load out concrete fragments on all types of jobs.
expansive grout product and mixing container

No Demolition License

Bustar is an inexpensive, safe, practical, and environmentally friendly product available to anyone. Order your expanding grout today.