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Chemical Demolition Agents

Bustar chemical demolition agents offer many benefits to concrete or rock demolition projects that are unattainable by traditional demolition methods. It's strength is in its simplicity and ability to meet the demands and specifics of any controlled demolition project. Bustar is safe to use and delivers results as it cracks the application into manageable sizes all within a predictable time frame. The need for jackhammers and explosives are eliminated which in turn minimizes insurance exposure, potential damage to surrounding structures, the impact on surrounding work operations and equipment and exposure to dust and debris. If you don't want to deal with the hassles of licensing, or if vibration, dust, environmental pollution and flying debris are prohibited, then Bustar chemical demolition agents are a proven alternative to traditional demolition methods.

Another benefit of utilizing chemical demolition agents for your rock breaking needs is safety. When applied, Bustar does not emit any toxic emissions and is considered to be an environmentally safe product. The biggest safety benefit of Bustar is its ability to crack rock or boulders in a predictable manner and time frame. Dangerous explosives and flying debris are eliminated, vastly improving work site safety. While Bustar is free of explosives and flying debris, it is a highly alkaline demolition agent and must be handled carefully as not to be inhaled or come into contact with eyes or exposed skin.

Bustar Applications

Bustar has been used on a multitude of projects across a wide range of industries such as pulp, paper, heavy industrial, power, steel, site excavation and trenching. From projects as simple as demolition or removal of small concrete pads to demolition of bridge piers and heavily reinforced turbine foundations, Bustar can be successfully applied to commercial or industrial concrete demolition tasks. Bustar chemical demolition agents also excel when applied to rock demolition projects. From projects as simple as boulder demolition and rock trenching to projects as complicated as granite lifts in the stone quarrying industry, and no matter if it's schist, sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, quartz or concrete, Bustar chemical demolition agents are the controlled demolition alternative.

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For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384