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Expansive Concrete Demolition

Demolishing concrete structures such as reinforced bridge piers, equipment pads and pre-splitting lock walls and demolishing or quarrying boulders into any size and shape does not have to be a messy, dangerous or unpredictable task. If your demolition options are limited due to work site issues such as accessibility, vibration, noise, dust and controlling flying debris, then it is time to look into expansive concrete demolition techniques.

Bustar expansive grout is a proven controlled demolition alternative that delivers safe and predictable results you can count on. When applying expansive grout to concrete or rock demolition projects, large objects can be easily reduced to more manageable pieces or complete rubble for excavation and removal. Under ideal conditions, expansive grout can begin to deliver results in as little as twelve hours. This demolition technique can deliver up to 7,000 tons of expansive stress, yet work in a predictable, methodical manner. This means you won't have to deal with noise, excessive dust, flying rock and debris, vibration from heavy machinery, environmental pollution produced by jack hammering or explosive demolition methods. Used correctly, expansive grout will ease constraints on time, labor and insurance exposure. The predictable nature of rock demolition with this expansive concrete demolition agent also means that the added hassles and expense of security and licensing are not required - handling and use of Bustar expansive grout is always a simple proposition and completely safe.

Demolition Services

For complete concrete and rock demolition, DTI's expansive concrete demolition agents can also be combined with Bluegrass controlled demolition services such as Brokke robotic hammering. Bluegrass operates a fleet of highly efficient and mobile robotic hammers that are standing by for immediate nationwide deployment. With a highly skilled Bluegrass technician at the controls, Brokke robotic hammers are able to efficiently segment or completely demolish concrete structures or boulders into any size and shape. Combined with expansive grout, robotic hammering is able to deliver complete demolition results on work sites where traditional explosive demolition solutions may not be viable or safe. Combined or used separately, robotic hammering and expansive concrete demolition can address work site issues such as safety, efficiency and accessibility. To achieve rock demolition results, turn to Bluegrass for professional Brokke robotic hammering services and Demolition Technologies Inc for expansive concrete demolition services.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384