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Non-Explosive Demolition Agent

Utilizing a non-explosive demolition agent provides a practical and flexible approach to meet the specifics of any concrete or rock demolition project. Bustar expansive grout is a simple alternative to jack hammering or explosives and has proven itself to be a solid performer while delivering best-case outcomes.

There are many aspects of Bustar that make it such a practical demolition alternative. Chemical demolition agents eliminate the need to utilize jackhammers or explosives on breaking projects. This simplifies a work site by reducing insurance exposure that is increased by operating heavy equipment, dealing with explosives, flying rock and vibration which can cause potential damage to surrounding structures. Special storage, handling and licensing is also eliminated when using Bustar. Our non-explosive demolition agent is non-toxic, personnel friendly and minimizes the impact on surrounding work environments.

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of using Bustar. If the rock or concrete surface is in a position where it is accessible to a drill, then Bustar can be applied. The Bustar non-explosive demolition agent will gently crack the rock or boulder in a predictable time-frame. Utilizing different hole diameter, depth and spacing patterns in addition to the proper water content in the rock breaking chemicals allow Bustar's breaking performance to be customized by you to fit the application.

Bustar non-explosive demolition agent is the definition of controlled demolition and is a proven practical and flexible alternative to utilizing hammering or explosive demolition techniques.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384