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Rock Demolition

Rock demolition doesn't have to be expensive, dangerous or time consuming. Bustar expansive grout is easy to use and delivers safe and predictable rock breaking performance in a predictable time frame. Expansive grout has proven time and again that it is an easy to use, money saving alternative to traditional demolition techniques.

Using Bustar expansive grout will save your project money by reducing insurance exposure brought on by explosives and other demolition techniques. In addition its fast-acting properties and ease of use will reduce man-hours on demolition projects. Under proper conditions, Bustar can begin cracking rock in as little as 12 hours and can continue to work for up to seven days. Because it is non-toxic and non-polluting, special licensing, storage and security requirements are not needed.

Rock Demolition Services

Bustar's greatest benefit is its ability to be used as a stand-alone demolition technique in many different applications. For more complex situations, Bustar can be easily dovetailed with robotic hammering service. Bluegrass operates a fleet of efficient Brokk robotic hammers that can be quickly mobilized to a jobsite anywhere in the country. Operated by highly skilled Bluegrass technicians, Brokke robot hammers can break or segment any rock or concrete structure into any size and shape.

Bustar rock breaking chemicals are a proven controlled demolition alternative and when combined with Bluegrass robotic hammers, rock demolition is a simple proposition.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384