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Silent Demolition

Due to safety, noise and environmental constraints on many concrete or rock demolition work sites, the use of jackhammers, explosives or heavy machinery are not always the best demolition techniques to utilize. Often work sites are located in areas where environmental disruptions must be kept to a minimum. If this is the case, then Bustar expansive grout is a proven silent demolition alternative that offers the flexibility to handle many different types of concrete and rock demolition applications.

Work sites that utilize Bustar expansive grout will benefit from silent demolition in many ways; most notably in regards to environmental impact. Silent demolition is controlled demolition at its finest and will eliminate the noise, danger and environmental impact that are inherent with heavy equipment, jackhammers and explosives. Once holes have been drilled in the rock or concrete and Bustar expansive grout has been properly applied, the grout silently goes to work, cracking the surface in a predictable manner and time frame. The result is a previously unmanageable boulder or concrete object that has been easily and quietly segmented or reduced to rubble for manageable removal or further demolition.

So if minimizing the environmental impact on your work site is an integral part of your project, then it is time to look into Bustar expansive grout, the proven silent demolition alternative.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384